About us

GP KLASA Sp. z o.o. is a fruit processing plant located in Klementowice near Kurów in Lublin province in eastern Poland.
Extensive development and the increasing number of offered products make us open to new export directions and contacts.

Our Origins and Development

GP Klasa was founded in 2008.
In 2009 we started heavy investments by building a logistics and cooling facility with a sorting hall, chillers and rapid cooling chambers.

Another investment, in 2012, consisted in building a new computer-controlled and monitored facility to store up to 10,000 tons of fruit. Currently the facility is being fitted with sorting lines and fruit packing machines.
For the future we are planning another investments to expand the production, storage and logistics area. We are trying to meet the constantly evolving and growing needs of our customers. We wish to maintain the growth rate while building long-term relations with our partners, based on mutual benefits.


Quality and broad range of products

We offer fruit from Global Gap conventional production and organic fruit grown on a total of 2000 hectares.
We effectively examine the needs of the food market and adapt our products to the current trends and the customers’ requirements. We plan our product range and packaging in cooperation with the customers in order to keep them satisfied.
We offer the following types of fruit and vegetables:

  • fresh
  • organic
  • conventional
  • Global Gap
  • for the food processing sector
We encourage you to look into our offer.