Freezing Technology

We are a producer of frozen fruit and vegetables.


We obtain primary products from proven producers with whom we cooperate under long-term contracts. The quality requirements for primary products are defined in detail in our specifications, taking into account the further use and requirements of the recipients.


We produce our frozen foods from carefully selected varieties.

Before the freezing process, the raw materials are subjected to rigorous selection, sorting and refinement.

Final products are each time subjected to a thorough laboratory assessment, based on which a quality certificate is issued.


Our freezing capacity is about 4 t/hour.


We offer finished products in various packages: plastic bags, cartons, paper bags. We offer a wide range of frozen foods in many quality classes.

We have a storage capacity of 6,500 spaces for pallets.

Thanks to the proven quality and commitment of our entire team, we are trusted by many food industry producers.