The storage and production conditions are of key importance to product quality. With a view to guarantee the highest standards we have expanded our warehouses and fitted them with modern and technologically advanced cooling and monitoring systems.
We currently have two warehouses, the storage and production area of which exceeds ….., additional investments have already been started.
Temperature in the cooling chambers is maintained at the optimum level for each product type, computer-controlled and monitored. Any change of the pre-set storage conditions is communicated and effectively adjusted.


Omnivent, technologically advanced ventilation systems and Ultra-Low-Oxygen (ULO) technologies are a perfect fit for our delicate products.
Additionally, the chambers have rapid cooling systems. The system is adapted so that large batches of fruit or vegetables can be chilled in a short time, which has a strong influence on their freshness and quality.

Our warehouses


  • Storage and production area
  • Advanced cooling technologies
  • Controlled atmosphere and ULO
  • Optimum conditions and continuous monitoring